Sacrifice in Sumba: Indonesia Etc enhanced eBook preview

Indonesia Etc goes to the printers this week. That ought to mean I’m done, but I’ve been working on an electronic version of the book that will include embedded video, audio and photos as well as the full text.

Here’s a taster video:

The photos and things won’t get in the way of the text — they’ll be signalled by very analogue icons like this in the margin:

Photo Icon

but they will mean that readers can get closer to the sights and sounds of any scene that appeals. (There’s no smell option: in the case of this account of a week-old corpse and ritual sacrifice that’s maybe not so bad).

It should work on most e-readers with colour capabilities, and it won’t cost any more than the ordinary e-book. But it’s a hell of a lot of work for me, and as you can see from the sample, video editing is a skill I am still wrestling with. Are home-grown videos like this of thing of interest to potential readers? Let me know, please.

5 Comments on "Sacrifice in Sumba: Indonesia Etc enhanced eBook preview"

  1. Definitely! Love the idea!

  2. Tobi Saidel | March 11, 2014 at 4:39 am |

    I really loved this. Please do more. Thank you for the warning about not watching the slaughter. That was very much appreciated. Cruelty to animals breaks my heart…can’t watch it.

  3. Actually I thought I got the smell too! – very vivid and a great addition to e-readers

  4. Yes! Thoroughly enjoyed the clip. Clear narration and fascinating subject matter.

  5. Yes definitely

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