Indonesia Etc. named in “Best of 2014” lists at The Wall Street Journal and The Economist

Pankaj Mishra in The New Yorker magazine

…exuberant and wise… Pisani is an exceptionally resourceful observer of the ongoing battle to define Indonesia.

The Economist reviews Indonesia Etc The Economist, June 21, 2014

A beautifully written, richly entertaining account…there are very few good books in English to help the general reader to understand (Indonesia). Ms Pisani’s is probably the best.

logo_wsj_weekend Simon Winchester, in The Wall Street Journal, reviews Indonesia Etc.:

…a spectacular achievement and one of the very best travel books I have read…Ms. Pisani is a force of nature.

Misha Glenny reviews Indonesia Etc by Elizabeth Pisani in The Guardian newspaper Misha Glenny in The Guardian:

…For anyone about to visit the place, her book is an essential companion.

The LA Review of Books reviews Indonesia Etc Pallavi Aiyar, in The LA Review of Books, June 22, 2014

I found myself nearly trembling with excitement…I was finally holding in my hands that elusive Indonesia book: a rollicking good adventure that knits together a complex of stories and insights.

Indonesia Etc reviewed in Jakarta Post Duncan Graham in the Jakarta Post

…(it is) deeper and far more substantial; entertaining without being trite, informative yet never tiresome.

financial times logo Ben Bland, in The Financial Times, July 4/5 2014:

… a sharply written, politically infused travelogue.

Indonesia Etc reviewed in the Sunday New York Times Book Review Joshua Kurlantzick in the New York Times Sunday Book Review If/when this review goes behind a firewall, click here for an archived version of the review of ‘Indonesia Etc’ in the New York Times

For someone who focuses on Indonesia, like myself, these anecdotes are tasty morsels, and rare.

asian_review_logo Tim Hannigan, in The Asian Review of Books, June 22, 2014

A formidably insightful and engaging book on Indonesia for a general readership… the book also provides a model for “portrait of the nation” travelogues fit for the 21st-century .

Time Literary Supplement Logo Jean Gelman Taylor in the Times Literary Supplement (.pdf) (original article here)

Indonesians come alive to us in all their contradictions and humanity…

Asia house logo Asia House names Indonesia Etc one of the Best Asian books of 2014

provided an indispensable guide to Indonesia … highlighting the country’s myriad contradictions through fact and anecdote.

Tony Wheeler, co-founder of Lonely Planet, reviews Indonesia Etc.
Tony Wheeler, co-founder of Lonely Planet, says:

It’s a totally riveting read and a wonderful investigation of how and why Indonesia works – and sometimes doesn’t work.

Kevin J Hamilton reviews Indonesia Etc. by Elizabeth Pisani in the Seattle Times Kevin J. Hamilton in The Seattle Times:

Pisani does an excellent job of describing her travels with colorful detail and interesting stories.

Elizabeth Pisani author of Indonesia Etc. interviewed in National Geographic's Book Talk section Elizabeth is interviewed for the Book Talk column by National Geographic’s Simon Worral

Jim Gladstone reviews Indonesia Etc. by Elizabeth Pisani in Passport Magazine Jim Glasdtone in Passport Magazine:

Pisani’s book will stir up wonder and wanderlust in even the most experienced travelers.

Daniel Flitton reviews Indonesia Etc in the Sydney Morning Herald Daniel Flitton in The Sydney Morning Herald

…Pisani has an admirable habit of rounding off her travel tales with sharp comment.

Indonesia Etc reviewed at Christian Science Monitor Lydia Tomkiw in The Christian Scientist Monitor

…a skillful portrait of a complex nation

Barnes and Noble Review Peter Lewis in Barnes and Noble Review

…Pisani writes with striking imagery — poignant, highly colored, as transporting as a postcard plastered with exotic stamps.

financial times logo Tom Robbins adds Indonesia Etc. to his list of recommended summer reading in The Financial Times, June 27, 2014

Pisani travels widely through the archipelago to deliver an affectionate portrait of a diverse, dynamic and eccentric country.

ANU's NEW Mandala reviews Indonesia Etc Jim Della-Giacoma, in New Mandala, June 22, 2014

It is her impish humour that is infused throughout that will draw readers in… Pisani has produced a book on Indonesia that is as fresh for the novice as for those who have a lifetime of experience in the country.

Elizabeth Pisani author of Indonesia Etc at the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival Desy Nurhayati writes about Elizabeth’s appearance at the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival in the Jakarta Post.

Bruce Jacobs reviews Indonesia Etc at Shelf Awareness Bruce Jacobs atShelf Awareness

Because of Pisani’s willingness to immerse herself in a local habitat, we’re treated to a full portrait of Indonesian culture, politics, language and commerce. One could ask for no better guide to this sprawling country…

Indonesia Etc reviewed in Duluth News tribune John Lundy in the Duluth News Tribune

Pisani has an engaging way with words, making the reader’s journey all the more fun…

Indonesia Etc reviewed in The Monthly - Australia Hugh White in The Monthly (Australia) (.pdf)

…show(s) how much is left to be done to create a fully realised and sustainable political system and culture in such a diverse and complex country. And why we need to pay a lot more attention to what is happening there.

Indonesia Etc. reviewed in Prospect magazin Maria Misra in Prospect Magazine

For many, Indonesia is mysterious place of shadow puppets and spice islands, though perhaps for viewers of the recent film The Art of Killing the brutal anti-communist pogroms of the 1960s might also loom large. A more coherent picture emerges, however, from Elizabeth Pisani’s lucidly analytical but affectionate new book.

literary review logo “Their Island Story” (PDF) – “Indonesia Etc.” reviewed by Richard Cockett in Literary Review (UK). For more details about “Britain’s best-loved literary magazine”, please visit

…sharp, enjoyable and well-organised book.She writes well and has an outsider’s eye for the extraordinary and the idiosyncratic.

Kirkus Reviews logo Kirkus Reviews (May 1, 2014)

A brave, lively writer opens up a wondrous, changing nation.

venture travel magazine logo Melanie Whitmarsh, Elizabeth’s sometime traveling companion in Indonesia, shares stories of her travels and some nice pictures too. Venture Travel Magazine

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