TED Talks about Indonesia

The National Lie, 1965. A necessary evil?
Elizabeth's TED AllStars Talk, 2012
The National Lie, 1965. A necessary evil?
Elizabeth's TED AllStars Talk, 2012

Is invisibility the price of democratic success?
Elizabeth's TED Talk at TEDGlobal 2014

The other side of corruption in Indonesia
Elizabeth's talk at TEDxUbud 2014

Videos from IndonesiaEtc, the book

Ritual Slaughter and Funeral Sacrifice in Sumba Big fish in small boats: fishing for tuna from outrigger canoes in Eastern Indonesia
On Indonesia's high seas: 12 months of boat travel across Indonesia A noodle factory in Indonesian Borneo; what it lacks in hygiene, it makes up for in taste
Warriors on horeseback: Jousting in Sumba Hail to the Bride: an Indonesian village welcomes the newlyweds
Vanishing lifestyles: tapping the lontar palm in Savu, Eastern Indonesia Schlepping sulphur: miners collect sulphur with their bare hands at the Ijen volcano in East Java, Indonesia
Growing rice in Indonesia, and defending the crop from birds Rocking religion: Evangelical mega-churches make inroads in Eastern Indonesia
Tightrope walking across a collapsed bridge in Aceh, Indonesia Poitical Partying in Indonesia

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  1. I just finished reading EP’s book, wishing for photos and videos, and in the appendix learned of these resources… they really do help illustrate the book.
    If you are planning a trip to Indonesia, I highly recommend the book… it’ll provide context to what you will see and hear.

  2. It’s really amazing to talk to the living author! I just read part of your book in Chinese version, and bought the multimedia version this morning. I am planning a travel to Indonesia to find customers there. Can I have some of your personal photos, so that I can show my family and friends?

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