Ritual Slaughter and Funeral Sacrifice in Sumba Big fish in small boats: fishing for tuna from outrigger canoes in Eastern Indonesia
On Indonesia's high seas: 12 months of boat travel across Indonesia A noodle factory in Indonesian Borneo; what it lacks in hygiene, it makes up for in taste
Warriors on horeseback: Jousting in Sumba Hail to the Bride: an Indonesian village welcomes the newlyweds
Vanishing lifestyles: tapping the lontar palm in Savu, Eastern Indonesia Schlepping sulphur: miners collect sulphur with their bare hands at the Ijen volcano in East Java, Indonesia
Growing rice in Indonesia, and defending the crop from birds Rocking religion: Evangelical mega-churches make inroads in Eastern Indonesia
Tightrope walking across a collapsed bridge in Aceh, Indonesia Poitical Partying in Indonesia

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