Elizabeth took three years away from her day job to work full time on Indonesia Etc. Her lovely publishers Granta and Norton lent her some money against future sales to get going. They also paid for editing and copy-editing, and they (and in Indonesia, Lontar) pick up the tab for promoting the book as well as for producing the physical book.

Using her loan (and then some), Elizabeth paid for her own travels. She also paid for all the costs of developing the Enhanced eBook, and the Author’s Edition of the plain eBook.

The designer Gaetan Bernede and the coder Darwin Lopena have been generous with their time and creativity, and brother Mark has spent hours helping with web bullshit.

If you’d like to help us to pay our debts, to continue with mad projects of discovery, or to drink slightly better quality wine, please consider donating to the team. Five dollars would be great, and twenty dollars, which is easy to split between the four of us, would be four times as great. Any other amount is appreciated and happily received.

You don’t need a PayPal account to use the button below, just a credit card.

The Team

Elizabeth Pisani on the road Elizabeth on the road – Photo by Melanie Whitmarsh
Darwin, the coder Darwin Lopena, the coder
Mark, with a favourite record. Photo by: Eilon Paz for Dust & Grooves Mark, with a favourite record. Photo by: Eilon Paz for Dust & Grooves
Gaetan Bernarde, the designerGaetan Bernede, the designer

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