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Get the multimedia ebook, which contains photos, slideshows, videos, recordings of priests chanting by moonlight, letters to Elizabeth from Generals and rebels and lots of other fun stuff.  (Note: This is a very large file, which works best on an iPad, but also works on Android using Namo Pubtree Viewer)
The “plain” ePub version of the ebook is also available. It works on most e-readers, though if you want a .mobi version for a Kindle, you’re better off following the Amazon links below.

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Indonesia Etc by Elizabeth Pisani Italian Edition
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Indonesian English edition of Indonesia Etc by Elizabeth PisaniIndonesian edition, English language

German edition of Indonesia Etc by Elizabeth PisaniIn German

Polish edition of Indonesia Etc by Elizabeth PisaniIn Polish

Taiwanese Edition of Indonesia Etc by Elizabeth PisaniIn Chinese (Taiwanese edition)

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  1. Vincent hsieh | January 11, 2017 at 12:43 pm |

    i buy the Taiwan’s edition. and i like it very much. so i follow the book direction to find your website.
    u are very brave in everything. i’m so inspired by you.
    hope i will read your next adventure .
    by the mention, i prefer the English’s cover.haha.

  2. Loved the book, but I got it from the library and want the extended copy for myself. Going to Jogjakarta with Habitat For Humanity in September. I couldn’t have read a better introduction!

  3. Johari Khamis | February 7, 2019 at 5:44 am |

    I found the book unexpectedly at a book show. I always love travel books. Get to know the places i’ve never or haven’t been, to understand the people from such places is enriching. Thank you for sharing the adventure and make me understand the improbable nation in another perspective.

  4. Anna Feng | May 23, 2019 at 3:49 pm |

    By this book I went on an adventure with you and enjoyed it very much. It’s my first book to know things about Indonesia and I like it so much. Thank you Elizabeth you are so inspiring. (It’s from Taiwan – and please know that Taiwan is not a part of China)

  5. Sean Forster | July 28, 2019 at 4:26 am |

    How ironic: no edition in Indonesian, apparently. Looks as though this might be just another book by one foreigner pontificating to other foreigners about Indonesia. “Great country, of course – such a pity it’s inhabited by Indonesians. I suppose it’s OK to communicate with the ones who know English. The others obviously wouldn’t be interested in their own country, and feedback from them certainly wouldn’t be of any interest.”

    • Elizabeth Pisani | July 28, 2019 at 12:51 pm |

      Dear Sean,
      I can’t tell you how frustrated I am to read your comment. Of course this is how it must seem to you, but I assure you it is not for want of trying. The short version of a very long story: Gramedia, Indonesia’s largest publisher by a very long margin, bought the Indonesian language rights to Indonesia Etc in February 2014, before it even was published in English. A friend and colleague translated it for them FOR FREE. We delivered an Indonesian language manuscript in July 2014. Dates on which Gramedia sequentially promised to publish it: October 2014, December 2014, January 2015, March 2015, August 2015, October 2015, March 2016. August 2016. October 2016.January 2017. June 2017. Each of these dates was promised only after repeated prodding from me, because I very much wanted to avoid being exactly the person you describe.

      Still no publication. Apparently, Gramedia was spooked by three lines in the penultimate chapter which are less than polite (though not less than accurate) about the FPI.

      In the end, because they were in breach of contract for not publishing within the specified time frame, I withdrew the rights from Gramedia and transferred them to Mizan. Mizan promised to publish on August 17th, 2018. Nothing. Now they have promised August 2019. I have still not seen the final manuscript, so it seems unlikely they will stick to this date.

      I of course know that there is much in the book that will cause lively discussion in Indonesia, not least because it is written by an outsider. This is precisely why I was so keen to have it published simultaneously in both languages. I have myself read and revised the Indonesian translation twice, in its entirety, as well as sharing drafts with others for feedback. I have put a fair bit of time and energy in to trying to get this book out to an Indonesian-speaking audience over a period of more than five years (and my agent has tried quite hard too). Forgive me for being a bit fed up. Aku udah mulai mikir: pokoknya, si pacar brengsek memang kadang2 gitu, kan? Apa boleh buat…

      Please feel free to get in touch with Mizan (@mizandotcom) and nudge them in to making it available as they are contractually bound to do.

  6. @Sean Forster, mmm…Mr. Sean, do you know why a book on Indonesia’s true self is never published or liked (or even talked about and researched about in a scientific journals) by an Indonesian? because we are notorious for not wanting to see our own badness (forgive my English I haven’t use it for a long long time). But what Ms. Pisani had written about Indonesia is HONESTLY true. So any books written honestly about Indonesia (its bad education quality, its bad governance, its bad everything (except its beautifulness and its people’s friendliness) will not be bought by any Indonesian, who are notorious for not want to see the inconvenient truth about themselves. So no wonder, books like this, nobody would buy even if it was translated into Indonesians (maybe that explains the delay and delay and another delays), except maybe by foreigners. According to my brother in law who happened to be an American/British, we Indonesian are so proud with our past glories, we don’t want to see our present ‘badness’, even though it was needed for us to move forward.

  7. ive read your masterpiece about my country in taiwan language.
    wanna get the enhanced edition by your reference, but i cant find it on google play book, hope your publisher can upload it to play book.
    i always want to explore the rich of indonesia’s culture like you did, but im an chinese indonesian, that in my opinion, maybe not well welcomed by some other indonesians, lol.
    but your book inspired me a lot and give me quick look but whole view about country – pacar brengsek kamu – include a difference angle in my hometown, singkawang.
    thank you very much.
    a little comment about chinese translation, Bapak may not translated correctly used 爸爸, should used 先生, to call a elder man who is not your father.

  8. Thank you, Ms.Pisani, for your lovely response to the presumptuous and arrogant Mr. Forster.

  9. Thank You for very interesting lektur from Poland.

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