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Download the multimedia ebook, which contains photos, slideshows, videos, recordings of priests chanting by moonlight, letters to Elizabeth from Generals and rebels and lots of other fun stuff.  (Note: This is a very large file, which works best on an iPad, but also works on Android using Namo Pubtree Viewer)
The “plain” ePub version of the ebook is now available. It works on most e-readers including, with a little bit of fiddling around from you, on a Kindle. A .mobi version for Kindles is available from Amazon below.

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US hardcover, paperback, Kindle and Audible editions via Amazon US
US edition

UK (and Commonwealth)

Indonesia Etc by Elizabeth Pisani Italian Edition
In Italian

Indonesian English edition of Indonesia Etc by Elizabeth PisaniIndonesian edition, English language

German edition of Indonesia Etc by Elizabeth PisaniIn German

Polish edition of Indonesia Etc by Elizabeth PisaniIn Polish

Taiwanese Edition of Indonesia Etc by Elizabeth PisaniIn Chinese (Taiwanese edition)

2 Comments on "Buy the Book"

  1. hello
    i buy the Taiwan’s edition. and i like it very much. so i follow the book direction to find your website.
    u are very brave in everything. i’m so inspired by you.
    hope i will read your next adventure .
    by the mention, i prefer the English’s cover.haha.

  2. Loved the book, but I got it from the library and want the extended copy for myself. Going to Jogjakarta with Habitat For Humanity in September. I couldn’t have read a better introduction!

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