Indonesia’s alcohol ban makes me thirsty. Come drink in Brussels, LA, London

Alcohol bottles for recycling in Indonesia

Starting last week, Indonesia banned the sale of beer in convenience stores. (It’s the first time since the tsunami that I remember “Muslim-majority Indonesia” making it into the Daily Mail.) Worse still, parliament is proposing to jail people for up to two years for drinking alcohol. Despite ministerial assurances that this is unlikely to happen, it makes me thirsty. If you’d like to come and raise a glass with me, there will be a few opportunities to do so over the next few weeks, in Brussels, LA and/or London. (Talking about corruption, bad boyfriends, disasters, sex and drugs makes me thirsty, too, so the more drinking partners I have, the merrier.)

If you’re in any of those places and would like to catch up, you’ll find details of where to find me on the Events page.

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  1. Never mind the alcohol what about kreteks and a ban on smoking?? Ill thought out me thinks. Salam dari Oz Trees

  2. That ban include palm wine?

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