Just occasionally, words fail me

Jakarta Globe, 21/04/2017

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  1. Hmm, early stages of history repeating? Suharto energized fundamentalists to wipe out the KPI and assume power…didn’t end well for the Chinese or especially the KPI. Pawns in the long game. Pity the nation…

  2. If your idea of democracy is a military led junta with power sharing only amongst the elite, then Prabowo is correct.

  3. The Chinese factor should not be overlooked. After all, behind Prabowo’s right shoulder is the Chinese-Indonesian billionaire, and Trump’s business partner in Indonesia, Hary Tanoesoedibjo. He’s used his media channel MNC, part of a very widely diversified conglomerate, to promote his political ambitions which he has said includes running in the next presidential election.

    Yes, Anies cynically used the Islamic fundamentalists to gain Jakarta City Hall, but he will have to contend with the Ahok (PDI-P) dominated City Council.

    Note too that the prosecutors in Ahok’s blasphemy trial promptly dropped the more serious charges which would have lead to him being jailed.

    So all is not yet lost.

  4. We waiting on 2019, who are the next?

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