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The “plain” ePub version of the ebook is now avaialble. It works on most e-readers including, with a little bit of fiddling around from you, on a Kindle. A .mobi version for Kindles will should be available soon. BUY THE PLAIN eBOOK HERE (This will take you to our Plain eBook store, maintained by Kagi) The enhanced ebook, which contains photos, slideshows, videos, recordings of priests chanting by moonlight, letters to Elizabeth from Generals and rebels and lots of other…

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Here is the complete list of territories for which Granta has the exclusive e-book rights. If you are in one of these countries, you should buy this version. Ascension Australia Bangladesh Botswana British West Indies,   comprising: Antigua and Barbuda   Bahamas, Barbados, Belize,   Bermuda, Guyana, The Caicos, Cayman,   Leeward, Turks and Windward Islands Brunei Burma Cameroon Cyprus Dominica Egypt Falkland Islands Gambia Ghana Gibraltar Grenada India Irish Republic Jamaica Jordan Kenya Kuwait Lesotho Malawi Malaysia, comprising:  …

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Buy the e-book directly from Elizabeth If you are in Indonesia, Singapore, most of the rest of Asia, almost any country in Europe EXCEPT the UK or Ireland and many other places in the world, you can buy the eBook from Elizabeth (via our own Kagi store). (Please check the list below: if you are in a country that is NOT listed, you may buy from Elizabeth.) The plain eBook is available right now. The enhanced ebook, which contains photos,…


This page is mentioned in the print and e-book editions of “Indonesia Etc.” On the website it serves as a placeholder and directs the reader to a number of additional resources available online. Slideshows Videos References

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Elizabeth made videos, took photos and recorded sound on her travels. You can find them in the multi-media version of Indonesia Etc.

An easter treat: Catholic kitsch from around Indonesia

There are just seven million Catholics in Indonesia — a drop in a mainly Moslem ocean. Yet they have managed to make their mark aesthetically, with an astoundingly wide variety of statues, murals, graveyards and churches that range between Kitsch and High Kitsch….


My publishers describe me as an adventurer and a writer as well as an epidemiologist, but really I’m just incuriably curious. In late 2011, I granted myself a sabbatical from the day job and set off to rediscover Indonesia, a country I have wandered, loved and been baffled by for decades. I planned to spend four or five months on the road. Over a year later, having covered over 20,000 kilometres by land and sea (and the same again on…

Is having sex safer than going to work?

As part of the Makassar Writers’ Festival, I’ve been asked to give a talk about HIV in Indonesia at the faculty of public health at Hasanuddin University. I’m reluctant. I’ve been wandering Indonesia without any thought of focusing on HIV for over eight months now. In that time I’ve met a surprising number of widows, orphans and middle-aged couples who have lost a child. Only one of those deaths has been HIV related. The rest are all in traffic accidents,…